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Mobile Application (Android)


About the Client

Mainlevel provides an innovative approach to digitalisation and tomonitoring & evaluationto a wide range of organisations in the development, academic, humanitarian and private sectors. They conduct evaluations, establish learning-oriented monitoring & evaluation systems and develop targeted digital solutions.

My Task

I designed the UI and UX of a questionnaire app for our client called Main Level. The decision was developing a native Android app. So, the user interface has been designed based on Google's Material Design Guidelines. I provided concept ideas, wireframes of possible use cases during the requirement meetings with my art director. I created a prototype of some use cases by using the Marvel App. I worked close to the Android developer and gave feedback during the development process.


Wireframe & Workflow
Interaction design
UI design
Sketch App
Zeplin App
Marvel App

Design Approach


I clarified the workflow and provided concept ideas, wireframes of possible use cases during the requirement meetings.



Concept Ideas

Final UI Design

List view of questionnaires

Each questionnaires has been designed as cards according to Material Design principles.

Questionnaire fill out

The user can view the progress of questionnaire while he/she is filling out the information via the progress bar. The progress bar provides user to thumb through questions and view the overview function.

The input elements as like text fields, radio buttons, sliders, time pickers has been designed based on Material Design Guidelines of Google. 

Overview function

Overview function was important to provide user to view completed/uncompleted questions at a glance and jump directly through to the uncompleted questions.

Filter function & Sidebar

It was important for providing the user to filter questionnaires in different categories and continue to the uncompleted ones.

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